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Service Strategy

Leadership Master Class

A 2/3-day workshop for senior management to consider how to use service level and style to create improved business performance and sustainable competitive advantage

This workshop shows how to develop and implement a business strategy, focussed on Customer Experience Management, which will deliver industry and/or sector leading business performance. It also shows how exceptional service delivery may be harnessed to drive cultural change, inspire and motivate employees and create worthwhile differentiation and sustainable competitive advantage.

The workshop is designed to be highly interactive with presentation, case studies, video clips and opportunities throughout for questions, discussion and reflection. It is also action based and concludes with the creation of prioritised action plans.

Workshop content

The key topics of the workshop are as follows;

How Service Supremacy may used to create Competitive Advantage.

Jim Collins, John Kotter, Michael Porter and Frederick Reichheld are four of the World’s top business thinkers. During this session we will consider their concepts and recommendations on the subjects of customer service and competitive strategy. We will also consider relevant competitive case studies such as BA/Emirates/Virgin Atlantic, BT/Sky/Talk Talk, Dyson/Hoover/Hotpoint, Marks & Spencer/John Lewis/BHS, Tesco/Sainsbury’s/ASDA, TNT/Federal Express/DHL or BMW/Mercedes/Toyota.

The key items to be considered will be –

• Why a differentiation strategy makes good business sense

• How to use service as a key means of differentiation

Service Delivery and Superior Profitability

It is important to address the key issue of cost justification for customer service investments. During this section we shall unearth all the ‘we couldn’t find the budget’ or ‘it costs too much’ or ‘we can’t afford to do it’ issues and turn them into ‘it makes a profit’ or ‘it pays for itself’ or at least, ‘we can’t afford not to do it’. 

This will be done by reference to the extensive research that now exists on this subject, the many case studies there are from around the world and by applying a great deal of basic business common sense.

The key items that will be considered will be –

• The ROI from investing in customer relationships

• Understanding and using customer relationship values

  • The real costs of lost and at-risk customers

The Look and Feel of a Service Winner

Organisations that use service as strategy have a great deal in common. Regardless of size, nationality, industry or market, there are a few essential things that they all have and do that gives them a look and feel that is very different to those that don’t. This session will explain what these key elements are and show how they fit together to create a winning formula.

The key topics to be considered will be –

• The organisational issues – The way an organisation is structured will have a major impact on service delivery. Simple structural changes can have big impacts. The best structures and how they work will be considered in this section.

• The leadership issues -Leadership is something that is greatly misunderstood. Yet without it, it’s virtually impossible to achieve worthwhile sustainable success in any organisation. In this session we will consider the simple but key elements of leadership and look at examples from around the world of how they have been used by a few great leaders.

• The cultural issues – It is impossible to deliver exceptional service externally to customers if it isn’t first being experienced internally by staff. We therefore need to consider the essential elements that combine to create an enabling internal service culture. Again, extensive use will be made of examples of how this has been done by successful businesses throughout the world.

How to build Sustainable Success through Customer Experience Management 

There are four stages of customer experience management. Each stage has key elements that ensure the required results are achieved. These will be explained and their relevance discussed in this section.

The key items to be considered will be –

Stage 1: Gathering, understanding and exploiting customer needs –

• How to Map the Customer Experience Journey(s)

• The customer feedback opportunities

• How to understand and use customer feedback

• Creating brand differentiation and competitive advantage

Stage 2: Delivering Service Perfection –

• How to improve service delivery and reduce the cost of service – both at the same time!

• Ensuring delivery of brand promises

• Exploiting the Customer Experience Management techniques to create Influential Memories

Stage 3: Creating Corporate WOWs –

• The power of +1’s and WOWs

• The essential WOW criteria

• Categories of WOWs

• The techniques of dazzling recovery

Stage 4: Going Whole Brain –

• Understanding Whole Brain thinking

• Applying Whole Brain thinking

Winning Implementation

Tom Peters once said, “Aiming for good quality is a stupid idea. The only thing that counts is your quality getting better at a more rapid rate than you principle competitors.”  This doesn’t just apply to quality, it applies to everything in the business – especially service. In this session we will look at how the best organisations are continually improving and how they implement strategies with a pace that outstrips all their competitors.

The key items to be considered will be –

• Putting First Things First – Knowing what are the right things to do first can be critical to long-term success.  This section will explain what they are and how to get them started.

• Staying Sharp – If people’s motivation, focus and/or ability go dull, then it will be impossible to sustain a winning pace. In this section we will consider the ways to keep everyone sharp and focussed on the key elements of success.

• Monitoring Progress – Rudyard Kipling once said “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”  This is especially true of the journey to create and deliver competitive advantage through exceptional service delivery. The best ways to keep a constant check on where you are going (and where you are) is outlined in this section.

• Rewarding Success- Success and rewards are (or should be) always linked. This session is therefore designed to consider the type of rewards that organisations and the people in them are enjoying as a result of achieving success.

Action Planning 

This final session is designed to turn ideas into actions. Throughout the workshop people will have been noting the things that they believe require action. During this session we will readdress these items, agree priorities and outcomes, allocate responsibilities, and establish realistic time-scales.

Reference Materials 

It’s important that delegates have plenty of reference material during and after the workshop. Copies of all slides used will therefore be provided and relevant reference materials will be available throughout the event and recorded for reference following it.

Cost and terms

The fee for this workshop ranges from £8950.00 to £13950.00 depending on how many days and the amount of tailoring that is required. (This fee does not include the cost of travel, accommodation and food at the chosen venue.)

Our terms require full payment of fees in advance.

Who’s already done it?

Workshops like this have been attended by people from all types and sizes of organisations. Listed below are a few of the better known ones.

Air Products

Apetito Group

Akzo Nobel Group

Alpha Bank (Romania)


AXA Group

BAE Systems

Blue Air (Romania)

Blue Circle Group


Britannia Building Society

British Council


Cable & Wireless

Case International

Claridge’s Hotel

Covent Garden Market


Dorchester Hotel

English Lakes Hotels

Esso Air

First Choice Facilities

First Direct

Friends First

Hayley Conference Centres

James Walker Group

Jardine Lloyd Thompson

JMC Holidays

Kier Construction

Laing Homes

Legal & General

Lex Vehicle Leasing

Linden Homes

Mansell plc

Maersk Line

MWH Global


National Express Group

Paragon Finance Group

Renold plc


Royal Bank of Scotland


Veka plc

Vaillant Hepworth

Willan Group

Guest Academics and/or Practitioners

It is possible to arrange for guest academics and/or practitioners to visit these workshops to tell us about the research and theory or their experiences of implementing the ideas and techniques covered. The timing can be arranged to allow for up to 2 such speakers. They usually each add around £1000 to £2000 to the cost of the event.

What are the likely outcomes?

The precise outcomes obviously depend upon the delegates and the requirements of the different organisations. However, there are a few things that seem to be common to all these workshops. These are –

The time goes very quickly.

The delegates find it exhausting but extremely enjoyable.

People learn a lot and are inspired to learn more.

Team spirit and mutual understanding is enhanced.

The delegates grasp the connections between service, culture, leadership and strategy and realise how to use this to improve competitiveness and profitability.

A ‘can do’ attitude is stimulated.

Worthwhile goals are agreed and a strong commitment to achieving them is created.

People return keen to share their new knowledge and enthusiasm with colleagues.

What next?

If you think your management team would benefit from attending one of these workshops please telephone 0044 1663 766300 to discuss your requirements and possible dates.

We look forward to hearing from you.