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Leadership forum

The Leadership Forum

‘A little time put aside for personal and business development’


• 4  high-energy workshops per year.

• Reduced price access to major speakers and conferences

• Carefully selected membership – by recommendation and personal invitation only.

• Facilitated by an enthusiastic and dedicated group leader.

• Focused on personal and business development for all members.

• Facilitated sharing of best business practices.

• Providing a welcome escape from work ‘in the business’ with the time and opportunity to reflect and work ‘on the business’.

• A forum to share the experience and knowledge of all group members

Key Elements of the Meetings

Steps to success

At some meetings, a member is invited to make a presentation to the group about a business or personal experience that has been key to their success. Most people have a valuable story like this to tell, but sometimes we just don’t realise how much help our experiences can be to other business leaders.  If required, the group leader will work with these members prior to any such presentation to help and advise on how to present the story with maximum effect and benefit to the others.

Learning zone

Most workshops include a learning session. This session highlights a key business issue with the aim of improving the group’s knowledge of the chosen subject.  An experienced speaker, a member of the group or the group leader, could lead this valuable part of the day. These sessions include such topics as – the challenges of growth, attracting and keeping great people, differentiation through service, winning new business, leveraging grants from public bodies, focussing on the right business drivers, presentation skills, or almost anything else the group feels would benefit them and/or their businesses.

Problem solver

Members are encouraged to bring any significant personal or business issues to the monthly workshops. These then become the subject of a discussion with input and suggestions for solutions from the experience of the whole group.  Total confidentiality is obviously required from each member of the group for these sessions to work, but they do provide a very powerful forum in which to discuss difficult or challenging personal or business issues.

Objectives workshop

There is a saying that ‘if you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there’.  I once heard it translated into ‘if you don’t know where you are going you’ll never know when you are lost’.  Membership of the Leadership Forum can help you ensure that you know exactly where you’re going, what you want to achieve and how you will get there. Each year one workshop (probably the January one) is therefore dedicated to personal and business goal setting.

In the morning session each member is asked to present his/her personal goals for the forthcoming year.  The afternoon session is then dedicated to the presentation of business goals.  Both sessions are interactive with the rest of the group providing support, advice and probing questions to really test the stretch in, the validity of and the commitment to the goals.

Total flexibility

As the group develops and grows its needs inevitably change. The format and style of the workshops will therefore be adapted to provide ever better value for members.  For example there may be opportunities to visit successful companies for benchmarking purposes, to attend conferences with worthwhile speakers or perhaps to review relevant case study material. The group makes all decisions about any such changes.

Membership is by personal invitation only

A core and key strength of the Leadership Forum is the quality of its members. The only way the group can function at its best is if the members grow to trust and respect each other.  Membership is therefore only by personal invitation of the group leader Chris Daffy, or via recommendation from an existing member.  New members are then only admitted with the approval of existing group members and the group leader.

We need a good mix of business sectors in each group. All members must be from non-competing businesses and membership is restricted to no more that 15 per meeting (8 to 12 is ideal).

Key benefits of membership

Each member gets different things out of the Leadership Forum but generally the key benefits are –

1. Direct access to a group of individuals who are business leaders with a broad base of knowledge and experience they are willing to share with like-minded people.

2. A few days each year that get you out of the normal office routine with the opportunity to work on personal and business improvement.

3. The opportunity to visit most of the worthwhile UK conference and speaker events with discounted ticket prices and facilitated workshops afterwards to discuss the issues raised and how they might be applied in your organisation.

4. Learning by and from experience.  Not just textbook theory, but proven, practical solutions shared and developed by practising business people.

5. A powerful network of contacts that could help you in the development of a success strategy for you and your business and perhaps through their contacts, open the doors to other opportunities.

6. Personal and business development learning that is tailored by you, for the benefit of you and your business.

Being a business leader can be a lonely experience. As a member of the Leadership Forum you are part of a team of people who think like you, have many similar goals and challenges as you, and like you, want to engage in informed debates about issues pertinent to them and their business.

The Role of the Group Leader

A key to the success of this type of group is the group leader. It is his/her task to arrange all the administration of group activities and keep the group focused, engrossed, stimulated and motivated.  For the foreseeable future the Leadership Forum meetings will be lead by Chris Daffy.

Chris has a proven track record of helping business leaders find ways to maximise competitive advantage, growth and profit.  He will share this knowledge and experience with the group, use his network of contacts to facilitate business opportunities and find and engage the best and most appropriate business speakers.

Your commitment

For the group to be effective it needs people who are prepared to make a serious and long-term commitment.  Therefore following your trial meeting, if you decide to stay you must be willing to –

1. Attend all the workshops (4 per year – dates to be agreed by the group)

2. Share your knowledge and experience with the other members of the group

3. Sign a confidentiality agreement that will cover everything you hear at the workshops

4. Perhaps occasionally take a turn at hosting a workshop on your premises.  (This will involve providing a suitable room. The cost of refreshments will be paid by the Leadership Forum)


1. If the group decides that it no longer wants to meet then it will be disbanded and all payments will cease.

2. If membership falls below 4 the group will be disbanded and you will be entitled to a refund equivalent to the value of one month’s (previously paid) fee.

3. As a full member you will have the right to block the appointment of any new members to your group who you feel is unsuitable or is from a competing organisation.

Costs and terms

The member price is £197.00 + VAT per month.

Fees are based on a 12-month commitment. However after the first year of membership you may resign with just 3 months (1 meeting) notice.

Our terms require all meeting fees to be paid in advance of attendance.