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Chris Daffy

Chris Daffy is one of Europe’s leading customer service and customer loyalty specialists. Chris is a best selling author, serial entrepreneur and acclaimed international speaker. He has dedicated the last twenty years to understanding what makes the customer tick and how businesses can massively improve the experiences of their customer and so build loyalty. By concentrating on the customer, your business can grow exponentially.

Chris’ official website – includes a wide range of interesting, challenging articles and products designed to teach you about customer service and customer loyalty. also includes the exclusive online members ‘Customer Loyalty Club’, an incredible online experience that includes over 10 hours of footage, in-depth articles and information. Essentially it contains all you need to know to become famous for your customer service. Constantly updated with interviews from leading experts and leaders from some of the biggest and most respected companies in the world, this is a resource that will always teach you something new. Find out more about the Customer Loyalty Club here.