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About Us

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Who we are

The Academy of Service Excellence was founded in 2000 when having spent almost 20 years working in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, Chris Daffy decided to focus his attention solely on the subject of Customer Service. He has since become recognised as one of Europe’s thought leaders on the subjects of Service Excellence, Customer Experience Management and Service Strategy Development.

He has written two books and numerous articles and papers, is on the advisory board for the Institute of Customer Service magazine, has been a visiting specialist at Manchester Business School, is on the speaker panel for the Institute of Management Studies, has advised and worked with many of the world’s best service providers and spoken at numerous Customer Service Conferences throughout the world.

Now Chris works with a variety of academics and practitioners to continue with the research into these subjects and to develop a variety of ways to pass on what we know to others in the quickest and most effective manner. This is intended to further our core purpose of helping ordinary people deliver extraordinary customer service.

The long term plan is to build the size and scope of the organisation through the gradual introduction to the team of more customer service specialists. Our aim is to become one of the UK’s leading providers of educators, trainers and consultants for organisations wanting to be famous for their approach to customer service delivery.

The Academy now has a network of Associates and specialists working throughout the UK and in Dubai, Greece, Poland, and Romania.

What we do 

Chris and his associates are focussed on helping individuals and organisations understand, make effective use of and generate worthwhile results from the latest service excellence techniques.

This is done through the following services:

  • Advice and assistance with Service Strategy Development
  • Advice and assistance to develop Successful Implementation Programmes
  • Conference Speaking
  • Customer Experience Management Master Practitioner Programmes
  • Customer Service Assessment and Analysis Services and Tools
  • Development Workshops for Service Providers, Managers and Supervisors
  • Service Excellence Consultancy Services
  • Service Leadership and Strategy Master Classes

Guiding principles


To build an International network of like-minded people with a passion for helping others learn and apply the best ideas and techniques to make service make a worthwhile business difference.

Core Purpose

To provide service excellence ideas and inspiration for others to learn, experience and apply.

Core principles

• To be an organisation that is great to be part of and/or associated with.

• To be widely acknowledged as thought leaders in our core subject areas.

• To inspire a love of learning in all we associate and work with.

• To focus on the development of simple to understand and absolutely practical ideas and techniques.

• To practice what we preach through being a shining example of service excellence.

• To inspire learning – never impose training.

• To continually strive to be the best we can be in everything we do.

Why choose Academy of Service Excellence

The Academy of Service Excellence has the knowledge, experience and expertise to work with any size or type of organisation, in any sector. We have an outstanding track record for helping organisations develop and implement ways to use their level and/or style of service to achieve worthwhile differentiation, sustainable competitive advantage and outstanding business performance and results.

We also believe that we should always try to make ourselves redundant as quickly as possible so that the people we work with will learn all we know, where it came from, how it works and how to use it so they can put it into effective use in their own organisations without the need to continually refer back to us.